Transport From Senai Airport To Legoland Malaysia (4 Easy Ways)

Transport From Senai Airport To Legoland Malaysia

Looking for a way to from Senai Airport to Legoland Malaysia?

This article helps to solve your transport problems!

Do you know that Legoland Malaysia is merely 20 – 30 minutes’ drive directly from Senai Airport?

At Senai Airport, you can take either private transport or public transport to Legoland Malaysia.

All these transports are reliable and safe to take.

However, the major difference among them is the price, time taken to reach Legoland Malaysia as well as the comfortableness.

We have already included every transport information you might need right down below.

Come, let’s move on and choose your ideal transport from Senai Airport to Legoland Malaysia!

1. Private Car To Legoland Malaysia From Senai Airport
2. Bus To Legoland Malaysia From Senai Airport
3. Bus To Legoland Malaysia From Senai Airport (Via JB Sentral)
4. Self-Driving To Legoland Malaysia From Senai Airport

How To Get To Legoland Malaysia From Senai Airport

1. Private Car To Legoland Malaysia From Senai Airport

NusaTransport offers you the best transport method to Legoland Malaysia from Senai Airport – the cross border private car services!

Among all the options, this transport is very convenience and ideal for travellers or families who wants to travel in comfort.

NusaTransport stands out among all other private car companies as their services are very professional and friendly!

Most of their customers had a pleasant journey while riding with them.

Private Car From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

I Like NusaTransport Private Car because:

  • You can leave all your transportation worries behind after choosing private car.
  • From Senai Airport, the driver will send you directly to the entrance of Legoland Malaysia. It’s merely 30 minutes’ drive if there is no traffic jam.
  • Before you touched down, the driver will wait for you at the arrival hall. They are punctual and very alert with your flight arrival time.
  • For large group travellers, their fleets can accommodate up to 10 passengers.
  • Fleets offered come with comfortable seatsample luggage space and full air-conditioning.
  • Worry about the luggage? Fear not because their fleets offer plenty of luggage space.
  • The driver who pick you up possess excellent driving skills and they know the route from Senai Airport to Legoland Malaysia very well.
  • Fixed price with no hidden charge. You only need to pay it after the trip.
  • Unlike public transport which share rides with other people, you can have the entire privacy in their fleets!

How To Book NusaTransport:

  1. First, check the price here.
  2. Fill in the booking form and submit it online.
  3. Check your e-mail from time to time. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your booking.
  4. If there are any changes in travelling details, inform them at least 24 hours in advance.
  5. Pay cash only after you have reached Legoland Malaysia!

NusaTransport has come out with a Testimonial Page & Review to prove to you that their private car service is indeed trustworthy and professional.

After seeing this page, you shall have gained more confidence in choosing NusaTransport!

2. Bus to Legoland Malaysia From Senai Aiport

Private car might sound a little bit expensive for solo travellers.

Hence, those who travelling alone or in a small group can consider taking direct bus from Senai Airport to Legoland Malaysia!

There is only one direct bus – Bus JPO2 and this is so far the cheapest transport.

However, it comes with many disadvantages that you can ever think of.

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Normally, people only take bus if the bus arrival time fixes their schedule. Otherwise, private car is still the better option to them.

Bus From Senai Airport

I Like Bus Because:

  • This is the cheapest way option.
  • The bus travels directly from Senai Airport to Legoland Malaysia. (Legoland Malaysia is at second last stop)

I Don’t Like Bus Because:

  • Most of the time the flight arrival time does not connect well with the bus departure time. The time difference is either too long or too short.
  • The bus frequency is extremely low.
  • The bus departs at fixed hour. It means you cannot plan your schedule according to your own preference time.
  • You don’t have the privacy in the bus.
  • It’s very inconvenient to carry many luggage in the bus.

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Bus Details:

Bus JPO2 (Senai Airport to Legoland Malaysia)
Departure Time Estimated Arrival Time
10:00am 11:05am
1:00pm 2:05pm
4:00pm 5:05pm
7:00pm 8:05pm

Bus Fare: Maximum RM6.00


  • Bus JPO2 only departs from Senai Airport to Legoland Malaysia at every 3 hours.
  • Be alert with the bus departure time because if you miss the bus, you need to wait for another 3 hours for next bus arrival.
  • For Bus JPO2, Legoland Malaysia is at its second last stop (after Hello Kitty Town).
  • Lastly, if you plan to reach Legoland Malaysia in the morning, you should take a morning flight to Senai Airport which landed before 10:00am.

3. Bus to Legoland Malaysia From Senai Airport (via JB Sentral)

This bus is a little bit different from the bus we mentioned above – which directly head to Legoland Malaysia.

This bus could not bring you directly to Legoland Malaysia.

You need to take a bus to JB Sentral and when you reach JB Sentral, you need to transfer to another bus that departs to Legoland Malaysia.

JB Sentral

For those who missed the direct bus and do not want to spend another 3 hours on waiting, you can consider taking this bus because the frequency of the bus from Senai Airport to JB Sentral is quite high.

Step 1: Bus to JB Sentral From Johor Bahru Senai Airport

There is only one bus operating from Senai Airport to JB Sentral – Bus AA1.

After landed at Senai Airport, make your way to the Causeway Link customer service counter to buy Bus AA1 ticket heading to JB Sentral.

If you have already purchased it online, you need to exchange your e-ticket here too.

Bus AA1
Causeway Link AA 1 Bus

Bus Departure Time:
Daily: 6:10am, 7:00am – 9:00pm (bus frequency is every 1 hour), 10:15pm, 11:30pm
Estimated Travel Time: 40 – 45 minutes
Bus Ticket Price: RM8.00

Step 2: Bus to Legoland Malaysia From JB Sentral

When you arrived at JB Sentral, alight and transfer to Bus LM1 to Legoland Malaysia. Legoland Malaysia is at the third last stop, right after the Gelang Patah.

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Bus LM1
Causeway Link Bus LM1

Bus Departure Time:
Monday to Thursday: 8:00am – 6:30pm (bus frequency is every 90 minutes)
Friday to Sunday & Public Holidays: 8:00am – 7:00pm (bus frequency is every 60 minutes)
Estimated Travel Time: 90 – 100 minutes
Bus Ticket Price: RM5.40 (Maximum price, might less than that)


  • Compared to the direct bus, this method is far more inconvenience because you need to change the bus at JB Sentral (change to Bus LM1).
  • Along the journey, you need to be alert with the bus route so that you don’t overtake the bus to another place.
  • If you carry luggage with you, you need to take care of your luggage and somehow in bus, your luggage might block the way too.
  • But still, if you consider to choose this transport, match your time reaching JB sentral with next bus departure, so that you don’t need to spend long time at JB Sentral to wait for the bus to Legoland Malaysia.

4. Self-Driving to Legoland Malaysia From Senai Airport

It’s still possible to reach Legoland Malaysia in 30 minutes if you drive yourself.

There are many car rental services you can find at Senai Airport where you can compare the price between each company and choose the car type.

When you have got yourself a car, just download and open the Waze (a smartphone application) and it will tell you how to drive to Legoland Malaysia.

I like Self-Driving:

  • Flexible time management, you can depart whenever you want.
  • Along the way, you can stop by any place you want.
  • You don’t need to spend time on waiting

I Don’t Like Self Driving:

  • Car rental price is expensive
  • The driver will get tired easily
  • You cannot relax along the way because you need to be alert with the route all the time


  • This transport sounds attracting because it could bring you to Legoland Malaysia in a short time. You also have flexible time management.
  • However, you should always be reminded that the car rental price is not cheap too.
  • At Legoland Malaysia, you still need to pay the parking fee (RM10 per entry).
  • And when you return your car back, you have to spend more money to pump your oil tank required by the car company.
  • Furthermore, if you accidentally scratch the car or involve in an accident, you need to pay extra money.
  • After leaving Legoland Malaysia, you need to return back the car to Senai Airport. It’s inconvenience to those who want to go back to Singapore or to other places.
  • In the end, you spend more than you expected and this burdens a lot of budget travellers.

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