Complete Review: Day Trip At Legoland Malaysia Water Park

The water slides offered are so fun that I couldn’t resist sliding it over and over again.

Also, I was mesmerised by the LEGO models around as it was so delicate and real.

If you wonder, keep scrolling down for more details about the water park.

My kindly reminder for you is – be prepared to be a one-day child while you’re in here!

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Ticket

1.) 1-Day Tickets (Water Park only)

  • RM 139 per adult
  • RM 114 per child / senior

2.) 1-Day Tickets (Theme Park & Sea Life)

  • RM 249 per adult
  • RM 200 per child / senior

3.) Triple-Park Annual Pass (Unlimited access to Theme Park, Water Park & Sea Life in 12 months)

  • Malaysian with MyKad: RM313 (12-59 years), RM259 (3-11 years and 60 years & above)
  • Singapore Resident: RM381 (12-59 years), RM324 (3-11 years and 60 years & above)
  • International Travelers: RM423 (12-59 years), RM366 (3-11 years and 60 years & above)


  • Visitors can enjoy 20% discounts if they book 1-day tickets online.
  • Toddlers are charged RM 11 only for waterpark. Free swimming diapers are provided to them.
  • More on Legoland Malaysia ticket offer, click here: Legoland Malaysia Ticket Promo

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Tips & Info

  • Apply waterproof sunscreen lotion to protect your skin and prevent sunburn.
  • Take off your watch before playing and take good care it.
  • You can bring packed food for lunch because the food at the on-site restaurant is costly.
  • Bring waterproof backpack to store your smart phones, wallet and other personal items.
  • Ample lockers are provided beside the entrance. A small locker costs RM20 and a bigger locker costs RM40.
  • You can rent a towel at RM20. Bring your own towels if you want to save money.
  • Life jackets for both adults and children are provided for free.

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Legoland Malaysia Water Park Map

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Map

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Review

Legoland Malaysia Waterpark is proud to be the largest Legoland Water Park in the world.

But after exploring the park, you’ll realise that it’s not that big as imagined.

It holds only a fraction of the entire theme park.

No worry, it still fully occupied with over 20 thrilling slides to complete your splashtastic fun!

If your children are above 1.07m height, they would be so happy to know that they are eligible to enjoy all attractions in the waterpark.

1. Beach Grill

First, let me dive into the main eatery in waterpark – Beach Grill. Similar to the theme park, food is quite pricey here and only premium / annual pass holder can get some discounts.

Deep fried food covers most of the dishes here. For instance, burgers, nasi lemak with roasted chicken, fries and hot dogs. You can get refreshing drinks and ice-creams too. It tastes even more tantalizing after few hours of splashdown under the scorching sun.

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2. LEGO® Wave Pool

Wave Pool serves as the very first attraction after passing through the entrance of the waterpark. Before heading to the exciting rides, you can have some warming up or swimming here. The place is ideal for taking a break too.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park LEGO Wave Pool

3. Splash ‘N’ Swirl

Now let’s move on to the water slides! Splash ‘N’ Swirl that painted in red and yellow is one of the biggest water slides here. Riders can go for it alone or in pairs.

The highlight of this water slide is the “big red bowl” at the middle. Started off from high, you will end up spinning and swirling in the bowl which later drops you off into another tubular slide. Believe me, you get dizzy only after the ride ends.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Splash & Swirl

4. Brick Blaster

Personal opinion, Brick Blaster offers more fun because the ride can hold up to 3 persons, meaning that family of 3 can enjoy it together for bonding time.

Sitting in a raft, riders will blast through 2 tunnels that look like a big barrel and end up sliding down the slide in excitement. The whole ride was in high speed especially inside the tunnel.

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Legoland Malaysia Water Park Brick Blaster

5. Wave Rider

For personal ride, head to the Wave Rider where you can enjoy rushing down from a 240 feet height water slide. Along the ride, this open-bodied water slide will take you through twists and turns at pulse pounding speed.

Riders need not to grab a tube to slide down. Hence, it’s really a quick ride that makes you long for more.


6. Tidal Tube

Compared to Wave Rider, Tidal Tube is more challenging because you’ll experience gliding down in total darkness.

Nevertheless, it’s far more interesting as the whole ride takes place in the close-bodied tube and you couldn’t prepare for the twisting and bending like you did in Wave River. But what’s similar to Wave River it that the ride ends in the blink of an eye!


7. Red Rush

If you prefer tamer slides that can be enjoyed together with friends or family, Red Rush is you best option. It is so big that the floats provided can accommodate 6 persons at once.

Red Rush is specially designed for children too. It offers fewer twists and turns so that children can bear with the curving track which is 312 foots long.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Red Rush

8. Twin Chasers

Another closed-bodied tube welcomes you beside the Red Rush. Twin Chasers is suitable for kids and some adults are unsatisfied with the ride; it’s just 130 feet high. There’re 2 rides at the Twin Chasers and it offers more fun if race with your friends. You win the race if you’re the first to reach the wading area.

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9. LEGO Slide Racers

Dare to challenge your loved ones? Go to the Slide Racers and race them all! There are 6 straight water slides lining together to offer riders a quick race.

If compared to others, the slides are shorter but it does bring a lot of fun and laughter. Plus, you’ll come across an incredible splashdown at the end of the ride.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park LEGO Slide Racers

10. Joker Soaker

Joker Soaker is where children will fall in love with. This is a big playground where children can run, swim, jump and crawl all over the places for great fun.

Apart from exciting slides of various heights and length, there’re lots of water jets around that constantly squirting out water from different angle. Be alert as the giant water bucket above you will unleash torrent of water at anytime.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Joker Soaker

11. DUPLO® Splash Safari

Special designed for children, DUPLO Splash Safari is the place where you can have close moments with your little ones or some parents prefer to take a short break here.

Lots of adorable DUPLO animals that can shoot water out are placed within this swallow pool. There’s also a shorter slide beside for a big splashdown; to be enjoyed by children only.

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12. Imagination Station

At Imagination Station, there’re interactive tables where children can enjoy building models using DUPLO bricks.

More interesting part is that these models can be tested against water flow by shooting water from jets and creating water patterns. These interacting games are very popular among the kids, some can even stay here for hours!

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Imagination Station

13. Build-A-Raft River

Grab the chance to design and build a big LEGO raft using the oversized bricks and hop on to the lazy river. You can sit in the raft you’ve made and enjoy drifted off by the generated current.

It’s safe because these bricks are designed to possess high buoyancy and clutch power so that is hard to split them off. If you are weak in dealing in LEGO bricks, simply grab any life jackets or tubes available to start your journey.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Build-A-Raft River

14. Build-A-Boat

Bring your children to Build-A-Boat section to unleash their creativity to the fullest! Here, children can take pleasure in building as many LEGO boats as they can. The boats can be tested later by racing against one another on the water area provided. Only the best boats survive.

Last but not least, hope you enjoyed my review of Legoland Malaysia Waterpark. You can also check out my review of Legoland Malaysia Theme Par

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Build-A-Boat

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