How To Go To Singapore From Legoland Malaysia

How To Go To Singapore From Legoland Malaysia

Finding a way back to Singapore after spending your day in Legoland Malaysia?

Whether you want to travel in the cheapest way or get to Singapore as fast as possible, we got all the choices for you right below!

Either public transport or private transport can bring you to Singapore safe and sound.

However, the travel time varies and it all depends on the traffic condition.

Now, let’s scroll down and we will guide you step by step on how you can go to Singapore from Legoland Malaysia!

There must be one best suited you!

1. Private Car From Legoland Malaysia To Singapore
2. Bus From Legoland Malaysia To Singapore
3. Train From Legoland Malaysia To Singapore

How To Go To Singapore From Legoland Malaysia

1. Private Car From Legoland Malaysia To Singapore

If you want to enjoy a worry-free cross border journey from Legoland Malaysia to Singapore, we recommend you to ride with NusaTransport – one of the most trusted private car company in town.

NusaTransport offers this service all year round. Their attentive and caring services have always been rated as the best in town.

Book a ride with them and you can let go all transportation problems that haunt you in mind!

Private Car From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

Why Choose NusaTransport Private Car:

  • They specialise in offering cross-border service between Singapore and Johor.
  • This is probably the only way that could bring you directly from Legoland Malaysia to your home or any places in Singapore.
  • Pick up place and pick up time is highly flexible.
  • You will reach Singapore in the shortest possible time. The whole journey is around 45 – 90 minutes depend on the traffic condition.
  • At immigrations checkpoints, you don’t need to get down the car with all belongings because the driver can drive through the checkpoints. Hence, you get to avoid the long queue up!
  • You can just sit back and relax in the car until you reach Singapore.
  • The drivers are well-trained and experienced. Despite familiar with the roads in Johor and Singapore, they will always choose a closer route for you.
  • During the travel journey, safety is always their priority concern.
  • Fleets offered are well-maintained and comfortable. They have plenty of luggage space too.
  • Price is affordable, fixed and there will be no hidden or additional charges.
  • The price is charged per car. If you travel in big group, price for each person is actually similar or even cheaper than taking public bus.
  • Online booking is available.

Who’s It For:

  • Family who travel with elderly or little kids
  • People who want to travel in comfort
  • People who are considering the shortest travel time to Singapore


  • Toyota Innova – SGD$100 per way
  • Toyota Alphard/ Hyundai Starex – SGD$150 per way


  • Hyundai Starex
  • Toyota Alphard
  • Toyota Innova

How to Book:
Book a ride with NusaTransport by submitting a reservation form online.

For any enquiry, contact them and you will receive a reply promptly.

2. Bus From Legoland Malaysia To Singapore

If you are having budget concern, then taking cross-border public bus from is the right way for you!

Among all, this is the cheapest option but the travel time is double than those taking private car during peak hours – all because of the traffic jam and the long queue up at the customs!

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Hence, if you want to be back to Singapore as soon as possible, it’s very risky to take bus because the travel journey is very hassle and time consuming.

Bus From Singapore to Johor Bahru

Why Choose Public Bus:

  • Cheaper than any other way of transport options.
  • Advanced booking is not needed.

Why Don’t Choose Public Bus:

  • Public bus will not bring you directly to Singapore. You need to change vehicles along the way.
  • At immigrations, you need to alight with all belongings and queue up for hours to clear the customs, especially during peak hours.
  • Your final destination is the bus terminal in Singapore. If you wish to go home, you need to find another way.
  • You need to share ride with strangers and even squeeze in the bus.
  • You need to be alert with the bus arrival time or you will miss the bus.
  • Frequency of the bus is not predictable.
  • You cannot travel according to your preference time.
  • You might need to stand all the way because the seats are very limited.

Who’s It For:

  • Solo traveller
  • Budget traveller
  • People who carry less luggage

Public Bus Ticket Price:
Approximately SGD$6 one way.

Below are the steps on how you can go to Singapore from Legoland Malaysia:

Step 1. Legoland Malaysia to CIQ 2nd Link

1. Bus JPO2

Departure Time: 11:05am, 2:05pm, 5:05pm, 8:05pm (depends on traffic condition)
Bus Fare: Maximum RM6.00

Causeway Link Bus JPO 2
2. Bus SL1

Departure Time: 7:30am – 6:00pm, frequency every 3 hours
Bus Fare: RM2.00

Causeway Link Bus SL 1

* The departure point of the bus is from TUTA Terminal and Legoland Malaysia is its second last stop before arriving at CIQ 2nd Link.

3. Bus CW7L

Departure Time: 5:00am – 9:00pm, frequency every 30 to 40 minutes
Bus Fare: RM5.00

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Causeway Link Bus CW7L

Step 2. CIQ 2nd Link to Jurong East Interchange / Boon Lay MRT

At CIQ 2nd Link, transit to the bus below to get to Singapore.

1. Bus CW3

Arrival Point: Jurong East Interchange
Departure Time: 4:35am – 10:00pm, frequency every 20 to 40 minutes

Causeway Link Bus CW 3
2. Bus CW4

Arrival Point: Jurong East Interchange
Departure Time: 5:30am – 6:30pm, frequency every 30 minutes to 2 hours

Causeway Link Bus CW 4
3. Bus CW6

Arrival Point: Boon Lay MRT
Departure Time: 5:00am – 9:10pm, frequency every 10 to 20 minutes

Causeway Link Bus CW 6

3. Train From Legoland Malaysia To Singapore

If you are afraid of the traffic congestion at Second Link, taking train could be one of the best ways too.

Departing from JB Sentral, this train which called Shuttle Tebrau will transfer you to Woodlands Train Checkpoint in just 5 minutes!

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But make sure you arrive on time because the frequency is extremely low.

Shuttle Tebrau KTM Train

Why Choose Train:

  • Cheap, just RM5 per way.
  • You save a lot of time as you get to avoid the traffic jam and long queue at immigration checkpoints.
  • The train will bring you directly to Woodlands Train Checkpoint.
  • The seats are very comfortable.
  • You can book a seat online.

Why Don’t Choose Train:

  • Very low frequency. If you miss it, it takes hours for the next train arrival.
  • Tickets sold out very fast, especially during peak period.
  • From Legoland Malaysia, you need to go to JB Sentral first. When you reach Woodlands Train Checkpoint, you still need to find a way home.
  • Similar to public bus, you need to follow the train schedule and cannot plan it according to your own schedule.

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Who’s It For:

  • Small group of friends who travel on budget
  • Small family with elder children
JB Sentral

Step 1: Take Local Taxi to JB Sentral

There are many taxi offering services at the entrance of Legoland Malaysia. You can hop on any of this available taxi to JB Sentral.

Normally, the taxi price to JB Sentral is approximately RM37.00. A kind reminder to you, depart early as there might be traffic jam on road.

Step 2: Take Train from JB Sentral To Woodlands Train Checkpoint

When you arrive at JB Sentral, there is a “Shuttle Tebrau” sign showing you the way to Malaysian immigration.

Follow the sign to clear customs.

Then, you can ride on the train and arrive at Woodlands Train Checkpoint after 5 minutes.

Woodlands Train Checkpoint

Shuttle Tebrau Train Service

Departure Time: 5:00am, 5:25am, 5:55am, 6:20am, 7:30am, 8:40am, 9:50am, 11:20am, 12:50pm, 2:20pm, 3:30pm, 4:40pm, 5:50pm, 7:00pm, 8:10pm, 9:20pm and 10:30pm
Ticket Price: RM5.00 one way

From JB Sentral, the train only operates 17 trips in one single day.

You can buy the tickets at the KTM office located on level 1.

Alternatively, you can buy it online.

Maximum 4 tickets can be purchased by a person.


When it comes to solo travel, it is recommended to take public bus or train because the cost is cheaper than taking private car. But taking public transport is risky because you cannot estimate the bus arrival time and the time you reach home.

But when it comes to group travel, it is recommended to take private car because you will have your own privacy in car! Besides, you save a lot of time as you can avoid the extremely long queue at the customs!

Last but not least, when it comes to family travel, definitely private car is the best option because you want your children or grandparents to travel in comfort.

And only private car (NusaTransport) can fetch you directly from Legoland Malaysia to your destination in Singapore and vice-versa.

There’s no better option than this anymore.

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