Legoland Malaysia Review 2020: One Day Trip At Legoland Malaysia (Theme Park)

This is an amazing LEGO theme park which offers 8 different themed areas and each envelope you in a lively and vivid atmosphere.

Once getting inside, their impressive LEGO structures all over the places are going to surprise you in every possible way.

Also, there’re plenty of rides, shows and attractions to fill your moments with great fun.

All ages can share the same excitement here.

Before I start to write my review of Legoland Malaysia Theme Park, do you know how long to tour Legoland Malaysia?

From my experience, you need to spend 1 day at least in Legoland Malaysia.

Still not convincing to you?

Scroll down to read the full review of my day trip in Legoland Malaysia!

Legoland Malaysia Theme Park Review

Legoland Malaysia Theme Park can be divided into 8 themed section as stated below:

  1. The Beginning
  2. LEGO Technic
  3. LEGO Kingdoms
  4. Imagination
  5. Land of Adventure
  6. LEGO City
  8. LEGO Ninjago World

Adventure in Legoland Malaysia will never be completed without riding the roller coaster – Project X. Sitting in Technic-inspired cart, the roller coaster will bring you to 18m high before hurtling down at pulse-pounding speed.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, this is going to be your favourite ride. For safety reason, kids below 120cm should be accompanied by an adult.

The Beginning

Your adventure to Legoland Malaysia starts here! The Beginning is the entrance of Legoland Malaysia where you’ll be greeted by colourful arch made from Lego bricks.

The area offers retail outlets and shops too. Remember to shop at The Big Shop, a place where you can buy amazing Lego toys for your lovely kids.

Legoland Malaysia

LEGO Technic

Get ready for adrenaline thrilled adventure at LEGO Technic. After passing the entrance, turn left and you’ll reach here within short walking distance.

Most of the activities here are action-packed, aiming at offering twists and turns, spinning and exhilarating rides to have you screaming with fun.

However, parents need not worry too much because these rides are specially designed so that the speed is not too overpowering for little ones.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO Technic (Project X)

Adventure in Legoland Malaysia will never be completed without riding the roller coaster – Project X. Sitting in Technic-inspired cart, the roller coaster will bring you to 18m high before hurtling down at pulse-pounding speed.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, this is going to be your favourite ride. For safety reason, kids below 120cm should be accompanied by an adult.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO Technic Twister

Adventure in Legoland Malaysia will never be completed without riding the roller coaster – Project X. Sitting in Technic-inspired cart, the roller coaster will bring you to 18m high before hurtling down at pulse-pounding speed.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, this is going to be your favourite ride. For safety reason, kids below 120cm should be accompanied by an adult.

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Family of 5 can enjoy Technic Twister, a spinning cup ride together for bonding time. Unlimited spin in the wheel can bring so much laughter, fun and sometimes you even go crazy with the speedy spin.

The ride is normally favoured by children because some adults couldn’t bear with the dizziness that comes along after the ride. However, there’re also adults who are fans of getting dizzy too.

Legoland Malaysia Mindstorms Academy Entrance

Lego Mindstroms is a place for LEGO robot programming. It is noticeable by a big face of Albert Einstein. Here, a creative workshop is set up to let children gain insights into LEGO robot building and programming.

The programmed robots can later compete with one another, definitely a fun workshop especially for little boy

Legoland Malaysia LEGO Technic (Star War)

Suitable for all ages, LEGO model building at LEGO Academy is carried out in a fully air conditioned room. Children can make use of their creativity in building models of spaceships, cars or buildings using only the LEGO bricks provided. This helps in inspiring kids to build their own creations.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO Technic (Aquazone Wave Racers)

Inspired by LEGO theme of Aquazone, Aquazone Wave Racers serves as a water ride which is fun for both adults and children. Spinning around like carousel, the ride will have you getting splashed by water bombs at any time. As the water bombs are triggered by watchers, seek for revenge when it’s their turn!

LEGO Kingdoms

Head north until you see the grey castle from distance; it’s where LEGO Kingdoms locates.

Set in medieval times, LEGO Kingdoms is all about castles, swords, knights and dragons where you feel yourself travel back to Middle Ages when you first stepping into the area.

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Legoland Malaysia LEGO Kingdoms Entrance

Medieval music can be heard everywhere, and it’s all played by speakers using harps and lutes.

Along your way to the castle boasts numerous LEGO models which are so real and attractive that you can’t resist taking pictures with them.

So, don’t be so eager rushing towards the castle as lots of cool things await you to discover them alongside the road.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO Kingdoms Castle Stage

The paradise of children – The Forestmen’s Hideout is located along the journey to castle. This is a multilevel ramp where energetic kids can enjoy climbing, running and jumping all over the spaces provided.

Inside, there’s lots of stuff for kids to play as well. It looks like a treetop hideaway and children can even play hide and seek here.

Now, make your way to the castle. There’s a restaurant right beside the entrance of castle – King’s Grill. A toy shop offering LEGO sets and castle toys is attached to the castle too.

Though the castle is thoroughly made from bricks, but is doesn’t seem like using LEGO bricks. Anyway, the design is still pretty cool!

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The castle offers two roller coaster rides which are both enjoyable and fun. Nevertheless, these rides are less exhilarating than Project X so try not to expect pulse-pounding excitement.

One of them is The Dragon, which offers you great sights of the whole castle and gives you the sense of soaring through the sky with dragon. Do note that there’s always long queue for this ride.

Another ride is the mini version of The Dragon, named Dragon’s Apprentice. The ride is almost similar to The Dragon but it’s specially designed for younger guests.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO Kingdoms (Royal Joust)

Childhood dreams of riding a LEGO horses make real at Royal Joust. Adults are not allowed to ride them but seeing your little ones riding these adorable horses can somehow fulfil your dream since young.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO Kingdoms Merlin Challenge

Go to the Merlin’s Challenge to ride the carousel if you’re ready for a spin. The carousel will have you sitting in train-like LEGO seats before putting you into a high speed spin until you feel dizzy. This is truly a great experience for spinning ride lovers.


All creations can happen in the Imagination, the world of wonder, colour and creativity. Imagination is the core section in Legoland Malaysia where LEGO fans can play with unlimited LEGO bricks. They can even challenge one another to see who the best in dealing with LEGO bricks is!

Legoland Malaysia Imagination Entrance

Power Tower is the first attraction that welcomes you while entering the place. It’s a high structure in yellow that requires your strength to play with.

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Sitting on the secured seat, you need to keep pulling the ropes to push yourself up to the highest point. Upon reaching the top, your hard work will be rewarded by the spectacular views over the theme park.

Legoland Malaysia Imagination Observation Tower

If you want to take in the view of the entire Legoland Malaysia in an easier way, go to Observation Tower and get into the observation deck immediately.

The platform will rise up and rotate simultaneously, offering you 360 degree view of the theme park and even the surrounding area.

Legoland Malaysia Imagination Observation Tower View

Take a rest from the hot weather by joining the Build & Test section. It provides an air-conditioned area for kids to create their own LEGO models. One of the interesting activities organised here is the tower building competition.

Children are required to build the most stable and tallest towers which are later placed in earthquake environment to test their stability. The highest tower without tripping over wins.

Legoland Malaysia Imagination Build & Test

Another air-conditioning section where you can indulge in is the LEGO studios.

Every day, the theatre features various 4D LEGO films that will have your seats rattling according to the scene. Sometimes you even get water sprayed on your face. The timings of each show can be checked online.

Legoland Malaysia Imagination DUPLO Express

In Duplo Playtown, every entertainment is designed for little ones. Built in child’s size, the town is actually a playground featuring slid, farm, hospital and many more places to attract the children. The train – DUPLO Express is also offered for children to explore the entire town area.

Land of Adventure

The most mysterious part of Legoland Malaysia lies in Land of Adventure which is located in the east of the theme park.

The place is homed to various rides, attractions and it is divided into 2 distinct zones named Dino Island and Egypt (Desert).

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Legoland Malaysia Land of Adventure Entrance

Here, the theme revolves around the enchanting ancient Egypt which is still a mystery in modern days. Words of Pharaohs, dinosaurs, mummies and treasures have made the place even more lively and interesting.

Legoland Malaysia Land of Adventure (Beetle Bounce)

Bouncing up and down at the Beetle Bounce is way too fun for both adults and children especially when the platform falls instantly from high.

But don’t be afraid because this is just a tame ride as the peak is merely 15 feet high, which is considered quite short even for children.

Legoland Malaysia Land of Adventure (Pharoah Revenge)

Another heaven for children – Pharaoh’s Revenge is built here! Kids will truly fall in love with this multi-level play area because it has too much to offer. But keep in mind that you need to take off your shoes before entering the play area.

Legoland Malaysia Land of Adventure Pharoah Revenge

Lost Kingdom ride will take you to virtual Egypt in a wonderful adventure. Outside, there’s an impressive Pharaoh model which is exquisitely made from LEGO bricks.

The on-rail ride will have you sitting in a 4-seater car with a laser gun in your hand.  Lots of LEGO sculptures related to Egypt can be spotted along the journey and you can shoot to each of them.

Legoland Malaysia Land of Adventure (Lost Kingdom Adventure)

The centrepiece of Land of Adventure would be Dino Island. Due to its massive structure, the ride is said to be the most impressive one among all.

There’re lots of LEGO dinosaurs alongside the ride and at the end of the ride, be prepared for an incredible splash down!


If your children love everything about cars, aeroplanes, trains and boats, then you should bring them to LEGO city!

Instead of offering urban rides for enjoyment, the city boasts many activities that require physical interaction between the children and vehicles.

Hence, children get the golden chance to be a driver, captain and even pilot for a day under the close supervision of parents.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO City Entrance

Enjoy “flying session” at the City Airport where children can experience the sense of lifting off in different aircrafts.

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Parents can accompany the children in the aircrafts and ride with them. To make the airport looks real, there’s even a baggage screening area beside for photographing session.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO City Airport Entrance
Legoland Malaysia LEGO City Airport

Market Restaurant that located in LEGO City is the main indoor restaurant here. You can enjoy your lunch and dinner but don’t expect any mid-pricing dishes. Food offered here are very expensive but you have no better options instead.

There’s a big outdoor playground specially designed for children – The Shipyard. Children can keep crawling, climbing, running and even jumping until they feel exhausted. Whenever you pass by here, there’s always laughter and screaming from children even under the scorching sun.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO City Rescue Academy Entrance

Another interactive and educational section is the Rescue Academy. The place hosts a competition where families are encouraged race with one another to be the first who put out the burning building.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO City Fire Rescue Academy

Through this simple activity, children can get exposed to the jobs of firemen in a fun and memorable way.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO City Rescue Academy

In LEGO city, it’s amazing that children have the opportunity to get their own driving licence by participating in driving lessons offered at Driving Schools. In fact, there’re 2 driving schools here. One is for children above 5 and the other is for juniors (3 – 5 years old).

Legoland Malaysia LEGO City Driving School

Cars provided are mini LEGO cars with single pedal. Kids can hop on to any cars available and drive through the designated roads by their own.

They pass their driving lessons only if they do not crash into other car along the ride. After that, they’ll receive a driving licence as a reward.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO City Driving Lines

Boating School functions similar to the Driving School with the exception that parents are required to accompany their children who are below 120cm.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO City Boating School Entrance

The powered boats are equipped with steering wheel & gas pedal and children are in complete control of the boat. It looks so fun that your kids will definitely enjoyed the sense of being a captain.

Legoland Malaysia LEGO City Boating School


Miniland is truly the centrepiece of Legoland Malaysia. Some visitors could even spend hours checking out and carefully discovering all the LEGO models.

Paying homage to marvellous architecture skills, all the LEGO models here are the significant landmarks from different country in Asia.

Legoland Malaysia MINILAND

Ideas of the landmarks are taken from 17 Asian countries.

Angkor Wat from Cambodia, Taj Mahal from India, Karaweik Hall from Myanmar, Petronas Twin Towers from Malaysia, Great Wall of China and Tanah Lot from Bali are merely a few models which can be seen here. All of these models look so real even if you see them from near.

Legoland Malaysia Miniland (Pirates)

Miniland was the hard work of more than 100 builders from all over the world. After 2 years of designing and 3D modelling process, they started out working on the models in a newly established training studio in Malaysia.

It took them another 3 years to complete all the models which used up over 30 million of LEGO bricks.

In overall, it is so amazing that how different shapes of LEGO brick can be arranged, built and eventually made into a building resembles the real one. Definitely it a must-go place for LEGO lovers.

Legoland Malaysia Ticket

1. Legoland Ticket (Online Rate)

  • 1 Day Ticket (Theme Park, Water Park & Sea Life) – RM313 per adult (12-59 years old) & RM259 per child (3-11 years old)/senior (60 years old & above)
  • 1 Day Ticket (Theme Park & Sea Life) – RM249 per adult (12-59 years old) & RM200 per child (3-11 years old)/senior (60 years old & above)
  • 1 Day Ticket (Theme Park) – RM189 per adult (12-59 years old) & RM149 per child (3-11 years old)/senior (60 years old & above)
  • 1 Day Ticket (Water Park) – RM139 per adult (12-59 years old) & RM114 per child (3-11 years old)/senior (60 years old & above)
  • 1 Day Ticket (Sea Life) – RM89 per adult (12-59 years old) & RM69 per child (3-11 years old)/senior (60 years old & above)

* 20% discount is offered if you book early online.

More about Legoland ticket discount, click here: Legoland Malaysia Ticket Promotion

2. Annual Pass (Unlimited visit for 12 month)

2.1 Triple-Park Annual Pass (Theme Park, Water Park & Sea Life)

  • Malaysian with MyKad: RM313 per adult (12-59 years old), RM259 per child (3-11 years old), RM250 per senior(60 years old & above)
  • Singapore Resident: RM381 per adult (12-59 years old), RM324 per child (3-11 years old), RM308 per senior(60 years old & above)
  • International Traveller: RM423 per adult (12-59 years old), RM366 per child (3-11 years old), RM348 per senior(60 years old & above)

2.2 Double-Park Annual Pass (Theme Park & Sea Life)

  • Malaysian with MyKad: RM249 per adult (12-59 years old), RM200 per child (3-11 years old), RM221 per senior(60 years old & above)
  • Singapore Resident: RM313 per adult (12-59 years old), RM262 per child (3-11 years old), RM279 per senior(60 years old & above)
  • International Traveller: RM355 per adult (12-59 years old), RM304 per child (3-11 years old), RM319 per senior(60 years old & above)

Legoland Malaysia Travel Tips & Info

  • Buy tickets online. It saves time for queuing long at the tickets counter.
  • Have your lunch before 12pm to avoid big crowd in restaurant.
  • Bring as many bottles of water as you can because weather is hot.
  • As most are outdoor activities, bring cap and apply sunscreen lotion to avoid getting tanned.
  • All restaurants inside serve food at high prices. Souvenirs in shop are costly too.
  • If travelling by taxi, better book a return taxi because most of the taxi available here charge you at high price.
  • Remember to bring umbrella and raincoats too. These items are also sold in the park.
  • If it’s raining, go to Imagination section as it offers many indoor activities.

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